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Dear Partner,
ASC partners provide value-added sales and support for our solutions and allow us to extend superior customer service around the world. The ASC Partner Portal provides you access to the latest information on ASC's products, services and training. With a single user name and password, you may visit:

  • The Information & Download Center to download privileged documents and product information and
  • The ASC ACADEMY for web-based trainings and instructions.
Highlights of the Information & Download Centers:
  • Creation of User Specific Profiles:
    Access to technical or sales and marketing categories depending on your needs
  • New uploads page for quick access to new information, that has been posted within the last month - or the last 6 months.
  • Documents page: An outline, which shows all contents of the Information & Download Center.
  • Search capabilities, which allows for fast location of desired information.
  • Marketing page with templates and picture galleries
  • Technical Documents with explorer and search function is focused on the technical part.
  • We will inform you by mail, if new documents habe been uploaded. Or you can subscribe to a RSS feed to receive the list with the most recent uploads.

The Training ASC ACADEMY:

  • Web-based Training for Communications Recording Systems (EVOLUTIONneo, EVOLUTIONneo XXL, EVOLUTIONneo eco and EVOIPneo)

  • Web-based User Training for Quality Management with INSPIRATIONneo

Please take some time to fill out this form accurately, so that your user profile can be verified and assigned. We will return promptly your username and password to your e-mail address. Please be advised that passwords will be changed regularly because of security reasons.
Do not hesitate to contact Jürgen Schmidt, Web Communications Manager at ASC, if you have any questions concerning the Partner Portal (

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Information & Download Center
Check the product ranges applying to your activities:
VoIP & TDM Recording Examples: EVOLUTIONneo, EVOLUTIONneo XXL, EVOLUTIONneo eco and EVOIPneo
Quality Management Examples: INSPIRATIONneo
Check the type of categories applying to your interests:
Technical Categories Examples: Compatibility Lists, Installation Manuals, Release Announcements, Software Configurations, Technical Informations
Sales & Marketing
Examples: Presentations, Product Informations, Sales Kit, Project Check Lists
FTP access neccessary FTP access only is neccessary to download software and patches, not for documents or manuals.
Web-based Training for Communications Recording Systems

2: EVOIPneo
Web-based Training for INSPIRATIONneo (Workforce Optimization)
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