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  • “ASC understood our priorities from the beginning. Our goal was simple. To remain #1in customer satisfaction among the top contact centers in The Netherlands. ASC understood the sacrifices necessary to be #1, and their 50 years of experience in the industry provided us with the comfort we needed that they would meet our challenges. Ensuring customer loyalty is critical for the lottery industry because we depend on participation by a significant segment of the general population. To be the best in customer contact satisfaction, you need every day focus, the right technology and the right people. Quality is above quantity, and with INSPIRATIONpro, we have the right instrument to gain the best performance of our agents.”
    Nasser Al Mawla, Service Director of De Lotto, The Netherlands
  • “Quality is the most critical issue in Deutsche Telekom's inbound call centers. ASC’s solution meets our specific requirements and helps to improve our customer service, thus increasing customer satisfaction.”
    Stefan Sporken, Quality Management Design Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Germany
  • “It is interesting to listen to your own conversations and watch corresponding screen activities simultaneously. You recognize your own mistakes and see your interactions from a different angle.”
    Employee using eBPM at DTKS, Germany
  • “We believe that employing quality monitoring provides the most objective, significant and comprehensive method of evaluating the level of service in call centers.”
    Thomas Fuchs Authorized Signatory /Call Center Management Sparda TelefonService GmbH & Ko KG, Germany
  • “As an expert in its field, ASC provided excellent support regarding the implementation of our high-security requirements. ASC proposed numerous solutions but was nevertheless able to cover all our requirements with a standard product.”
    Niclas Bychowski, CEO of Sparda TelefonService GmbH & Ko KG, Germany
  • “Our team leaders have been very positive about how user-friendly they have found INSPIRATIONpro software and the quality of training delivered by ASC. BSH was able to benefit from ASC`s system even in the first few weeks of use. We identified specific areas for improvement through one-on-one coaching with our customer service advisors.”
    Colin Embling, Call Center Operations Manager for BSH, UK
  • “The implementation of ASC‘s recording and quality monitoring software has been extremely successful. ASC and ANT Telecom engineers worked closely with our in-house IT support engineers to deliver a complex solution.”
    Sandy V. Sundarajan IT Manager at BSH, UK
  • “ASC’s communications recorder exceeded all our expectations. It has simplified and saved time in searching for calls, increasing protection for our patients and staff alike. We were particularly impressed by how user-friendly and flexible the solution is. We can now access calls directly through the patient’s record using the Adastra software or independently via WEBplay and browser. This capability has saved us up to three hours in lost administration time per week.”
    Karen Morgan, Head of Unscheduled Care at Medway Community Healthcare, UK
  • “ASC’s prompt feedback increases the reach and flexibility of our clients, who can act rapidly, in a targeted manner, and optimize processes based on transparent reports. This capability is only offered by the market leader in customer service, buw Customer Care Consultations!"
    Karsten Wulf, Founder and Managing Partner, buw Group, Germany
  • “We were stunned when we compared EVOip’s features and price. The product is a paragon of an affordable and professional solution combined with user-friendly attributes such as graphical user interfaces and web-based operation.”
    Mr. Chan Fook Yee, Contact Centre Manager, Basis Bay, Malaysia
  • "The implementation of ASC's recording solution together with integrated software for call searching and replaying has decreased the duration of our claims processing by 75%. Our customer service capabilities have now been dramatically enhanced. It's now much easier and more objective to evaluate the agents, which provides CBB with additional coaching competence.”
    Jacek Styczen, President at CBB, Warsaw, Poland
  • „“We consider quality to be our main competitive advantage, and we want to be able to provide our customers with the best possible service. We looked at what was available on the market for quality monitoring and we selected ASC because of the extensive product features and the service support presence in Vietnam
    Van Dung, Call Center Manager at VMS-MobiFone, Vietnam
  • “ASC provided a versatile solution, completely integrated with our pre-existing infrastructure. Its French subsidiary, ASC telecom SASU France, met our manifold requirements with cost control and customer support to guide us every step of the way.”
    Eric Arbillot, Contact Center Manager for RATP, France
Financial Institutions
  • “We have been satisfied Alcatel-Lucent customers for 15 years, entrusting them more and more with our front office equipment. The new infrastructure takes up far less space on our trading floor and our migration to TDM telephony has given us the possibility of merging two different recording systems (TDM and IP), perfect employee mobility and a room set up for disaster recovery. The system has allowed us to adapt smoothly to the ever-increasing technical demands at the same time as significantly reducing both our telephone and video conferencing costs. ”
    Eric Houis, Telecommunications Architect, CA Cheuvreux, France
  • “A sophisticated, fast and fail-safe communications recording system is essential for our company to both meet internal regulations and comply with a number of government mandates. ASC’s solution has met all of our requirements. ”
    IT Relationship Manager, Optiver Europe, The Netherlands
  • “Our previous recording system ate up valuable work hours due to a variety of labor-intensive manual tasks, including hand delivery of tape to remote sites. ASC’s ability to automate these functions, especially its remote backup feature, helps to ensure fail-safe operation and gives us the peace of mind we need when even a brief malfunction can affect significant transactions. ASC’s unique selling points - technical sophistication, price and on-site customer support - put them head and shoulders over the competition.”
    Ebrahim Nedham, Head of Communications, Gulf International Bank, Bahrain
  • “To succeed in highly competitive financial markets, banks must acquire new customers, retain existing ones on a long-term basis and effectively reduce costs. We were faced with a wide variety of needs to meet these goals including quality monitoring for our agents and protection from liability. ASC met them all and did so in a superlative fashion. We know we can depend on ASC’s solutions to work reliably on a global basis across complex infrastructures to preserve, document and improve customer interactions.”
    Majed Salah El-Deen, Head of IT National Bank of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  • “For us, it was critical to obtain integrated recording solutions for our trading environment and our back-office communications. ASC’s ability to meet both these needs as well as their flexibility in handling multiple infrastructures convinced us of the value and investment protection inherent in their solutions.”
    Stefan Rast, Manager of the Cantonal Bank in Lucerne, Switzerland
  • “We chose ASC because, with over 45 years of communications experience, we knew we could rely on their expertise and technical support.“
    Representative of Trimegah Securities, Indonesia
  • “Our overriding goal is to provide exceptional service that both exceeds client expectations and maximizes client satisfaction. ASC’s call recording solution has become an essential component in helping us meet that goal.”
    Gary Xu, Project Manager at Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Ltd.
  • “It saved us from purchasing a costly infrastructure that would become obsolete in just a few years. We especially appreciate the solution’s flexibility for both expansions and our rather diverse needs.”
    Tony Wells, Head of IT Support of TFS, UK
  • “We selected ASC and innovaphone because they presented us with the best, cost effective, fully integrated plug-and-play VoIP solution, ideal for small and medium enterprises like ours. I personally installed EVOip in less than 10 minutes by simply following the step-by-step instructions from the online installation menu, and it worked at once. I was amazed.”
    Martin Mangeng, Network Administrator, Volksbank Voralberg, Austria
  • “The whole process from survey, installation to after sales was excellent. I was impressed by all the staff involved: they made the process very easy and with no disruption to the running of our office. It was a pleasure to do business with ASC telecom Ltd.”
    Peter Wright, Director Berry Birch & Noble, UK
  • "We achieved a 40% increase in sales since the recorder was installed. The MARATHON system paid for itself in a matter of months and gives us total control over our sales process."
    Keith Samuels, Director, Westhill Insurance Services, UK
  • “The product lets us easily resolve misunderstandings between agents and customers because we can send the calls to the involved parties by e-mail.We were especially pleased with the level of compatibility between ASC and our Etrali voice trading system. This helped ensure our overall system met all business and technical requirements.”
    Management Bank AlJazira, Saudi Arabia
Public Safety
  • “A transactional dispute could cost us millions of dollars. One of the reasons we chose ASC, reliability, has been totally justified. Our new recording solution is flexible and meets our two major needs for rapid response and secure, reliable preservation of transactions.“
    Scott Follick, Manager, Systems Support, The Energy Authority®, USA
  • “Our most important need and core function involves the delivery of quality service in an efficient manner, and we were astounded by the impact of ASC’s solution on our day-to-day operations. ASC’s voice recording system enables management operations to remain proactive at all times, which at Lifeline, actually saves lives.”
    John Diaz, Control Centre Manager, Harborough Lifeline Centre, UK
  • “We interact with both internal and external groups including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the intelligence and security services. INSPIRATIONpro helps us meet their needs by evaluating the quality of our system and agents on an ongoing basis.”
    Judith van Paridon, Quality Manager of Unit Teleservice, National Police Department, The Netherlands
  • "MARATHON EVOLUTION's web-browser interface allows me to listen to calls from anywhere when I am out of the office and must make important decisions. And ASC is always there when we need them. My interactions with the company have been a pleasure, one of the main reasons we're so loyal. Our previous vendor required upfront fees just to walk through the door."
    David Raizen, President and Founder of Scarsdale Security Systems, USA
  • "ASC’s solution lets us review a call in Zurich even when it was received in Lausanne. We can search, tag and save it locally, then use it in a complete, company-wide call report. "
    Karl Meier, Technical Director, Certas, Switzerland
  • "Following the successful procurement and installation of our MARATHON voice recording system into our new joint control room environment, I have been asked by my project steering group to place on record our thanks and appreciation for a job well done. As you will be only too aware, this was a complex job both technically and politically with the objective of placing all three services in Cleveland on the same voice recording platform. From the outset we were impressed with both the product and its technical capability but just as important for us in an environment going through major change was the ease of use and the short training time required to make operations proficient with the new desk top play back facility. The fact this has been accomplished in such a short space of time and that the operators themselves are now competent and delighted with the product is a tribute to the effort and attention to detail given to the training package. Please accept our thanks and congratulations for the level of customer service and technical support you have given us over the past years."
    Phil Bland, Project Manager, Cleveland Police, UK
  • “The MARATHON recorder is easy to use and has been very reliable from day one of its installation. It has proven to be a great asset in our every day operations by the speed of which we are able to find calls for not only dispute handling but for our ongoing quality monitoring projects.”
    Sheila McCormick, Head of Classified Advertising, Manchester Evening News, UK
Air Traffic Control
  • "We have recently purchased the facility to record all of our telephone calls from ASC. The service has enabled us to enhance our product and provide constructive training for our staff. The service provided by ASC has enabled us to make full use of the equipment provided in a very short period of time. Any difficulties we have encountered have been rectified quickly, either to correct them or to advise different working practices. I would therefore have no hesitations in recommending ASC to you."
    Sue Robinson, Pre Flight Manager, JMC Airlines, UK
Contact Center
Financial Institutions
Public Safety
Air Traffic Control

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